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Custom Plush Toys

Thank you for your interest in SDP Inc for custom plush toys. We offer high quality custom plush toys at a very affordable rate. I can promise you that it will be very difficult to find any other competitor with rates as low as SDP's and still offer such exceptional customer service to their customers as we do. Our staff have a combined 30 years experience in the sales and marketing industry and our number one priority is to make sure that we NEVER, "Over Promise and Under Deliver". Here are just a few bullet points that make SDP stand out from the competition...


  • LOW quantity requirements of only 300 pieces.

  • LOW overhead, which means low pricing!

  • LOW sample fee, as low as $250 for a standard plush, which is fully refundable & multiple sample discounts availble.

  • HIGH quality certified factories with ethical labor standards.

  • 7-10 days turn-time for standard sample development with unlimited revisions.

  • 35-60 days production turn-time.

  • Top-notch shipping vendors, offering you the lowest rates available.

  • Small batch manufacturer.

  • Plush meet all USA, Canadian and European safety standards.


If you are ready to discuss your design with Shinedown Productions Inc., simply complete the NDA, if you desire, and send directly to the President at or call to discuss at 919-273-5011.